I'm a boulder
Tumbling downhill
Picking up speed
Aiming to kill you
At the bottom…
You're a patched-up, stained glass house
I've broken before
And now
I'll break you once more, Oh Lord
I will not stop, no, no

You're so pretty
Alone in the sun
Fragile colors
So easily undone
Do you ever wonder
Why I keep rolling down?
You pray as you should
But now you must be no good, you're no good
When you see me then you scream:

"Please, oh please, please stop"
"Please, oh please, please, please stop"
"Please, oh please..."

But it's useless
I don't give a shit
I'm a boulder
This is what it is
And you know you’re done for
So you bring your own roof down
On top of yourself
And now you're shattered to Hell, oh well
I'll just roll right through your wreck