Breaking Bad, one of my all-time-favorite tv shows, ended it's five-season run last Sunday.

So, to commerate and salute BB's conclusion, I went ahead and became THE MOTHAFUCKING WORLD CHAMP of this internet Breaking Bad flash game:


HELL YEAH - 9/27/2013

Today I was talking about Chris Farley and, man, I miss that guy. This is one of my all-time faves of his SNL days:

HELL YEAH - 9/18/2013

My friend Lindsay Brzowski turned me on to Patrick Park, who I'd never heard of and, well, what can I say: I love this man! Lindsay thinks I sound a little like him but I'm hearing a little more Ryan…

HELL YEAH - 9/12/2013

After a few weeks of traveling, and some time off from evil Facebook and internet, I've come back to the Dark Side with a new link to share with you. This one is a young guy playing some beautifully percussive…

HELL YEAH - 08/07/2013

 After a week off, I'm back with this simple, beautiful little track and DIY, self-shot video from Chris Velan:


HELL YEAH - 07/24/13

Fiona Apple and Paul Thomas Anderson made another video together. I can't say I was in love with this album or even this song in particular but I dig this video. It doesn't beat the "Across the Universe" video…

HELL YEAH - 7/18/2013

Better late than never. Late start to the day today, so a late posting for this week's Hell Yeah. Ahem, what's not to like about Reggie Watts? The dude is off the hook. But, wait, what is so lame about…

HELL YEAH - 7/11/2013

My buddy Tyler Sparks shot this video down in Astor, Florida awhile back using a Canon camera with an infared lens. We thought the infared look was so cool, director/editor Rob Mead, Tyler and I decided to use it…

HELL YEAH - 7/3/2013

Happy Fourth of July Eve! Today's post is a beautiful barbershop quartet arrangement of one of my favorite tunes -  "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. I hear Bioshock Infinite is a game that the kids play sometimes? Yes?…

HELL YEAH - 6/26/2013

Well, what can I say about this. It's a very concise explanation of the logical loophole good 'ole Christian girls' will jump through in order to remain "pure" for their future husbands. Hilarious G & O.
Hats off.

HELL YEAH - 6/20/2013

This week's Hell Yeah ain't no video. It's a link to a page of spectacular Haikus rife with hatred for the miraculously beloved herb cilantro. Being a cilantro hater myself, I feel compelled to spread this vital message of hate…

HELL YEAH - 6/13/2013

This week's Hell Yeah is a video from the Graveyard Lovers. I had a chance to see these guys a few weeks ago at Flavorlab's Songwriter's Circle and they reminded me alot of Dinosaur Jr meets Jack White/White Stripes.…