Breaking Bad, one of my all-time-favorite tv shows, ended it's five-season run last Sunday.

So, to commerate and salute BB's conclusion, I went ahead and became THE MOTHAFUCKING WORLD CHAMP of this internet Breaking Bad flash game:

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HELL YEAH - 9/27/2013

Today I was talking about Chris Farley and, man, I miss that guy. This is one of my all-time faves of his SNL days:

HELL YEAH - 9/18/2013

My friend Lindsay Brzowski turned me on to Patrick Park, who I'd never heard of and, well, what can I say: I love this man! Lindsay thinks I sound a little like him but I'm hearing a little more Ryan…Read more

HELL YEAH - 9/12/2013

After a few weeks of traveling, and some time off from evil Facebook and internet, I've come back to the Dark Side with a new link to share with you. This one is a young guy playing some beautifully percussive…Read more

HELL YEAH - 08/07/2013

 After a week off, I'm back with this simple, beautiful little track and DIY, self-shot video from Chris Velan:


HELL YEAH - 07/24/13

Fiona Apple and Paul Thomas Anderson made another video together. I can't say I was in love with this album or even this song in particular but I dig this video. It doesn't beat the "Across the Universe" video…Read more

HELL YEAH - 7/18/2013

Better late than never. Late start to the day today, so a late posting for this week's Hell Yeah. Ahem, what's not to like about Reggie Watts? The dude is off the hook. But, wait, what is so lame about…Read more

HELL YEAH - 7/11/2013

My buddy Tyler Sparks shot this video down in Astor, Florida awhile back using a Canon camera with an infared lens. We thought the infared look was so cool, director/editor Rob Mead, Tyler and I decided to use it…Read more

HELL YEAH - 7/3/2013

Happy Fourth of July Eve! Today's post is a beautiful barbershop quartet arrangement of one of my favorite tunes -  "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. I hear Bioshock Infinite is a game that the kids play sometimes? Yes?…Read more

HELL YEAH - 6/26/2013

Well, what can I say about this. It's a very concise explanation of the logical loophole good 'ole Christian girls' will jump through in order to remain "pure" for their future husbands. Hilarious G & O.
Hats off.
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HELL YEAH - 6/20/2013

This week's Hell Yeah ain't no video. It's a link to a page of spectacular Haikus rife with hatred for the miraculously beloved herb cilantro. Being a cilantro hater myself, I feel compelled to spread this vital message of hate…Read more